A Delhi police inspector has been sentenced to a prison term of three years for accepting money to throw-out a house owner.

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Special Judge Brijesh Kumar Garg passed his judgement in the 2011 case on Thursday.

The court said that convict PS Bhardwaj, who was a sub-inspector at Timarpur police station, misused his official capacity as an officer of the law when he forcibly made a house-owner vacate his house at the behest of his daughter-in-law.

Munna Lal Gupta, a resident of the area in 2011 had approached the CBI after he was thrown out of his house by the police, allegedly on the behest of his daughter-in-law and a realtor.

According to the CBI, Gupta lodged a complaint against Bhardwaj on 4 May, 2011 for demanding Rs.1 lakh for getting his house vacated by his daughter-in-law.

Gupta in his complaint told CBI that the sub inspector Bhardwaj and other staff of Timarpur police station on 30 April, 2011, had forcibly evicted him from his house and handed over its possession to his daughter-in-law.

Based on the complaint,the CBI laid a trap, wherein the property dealer was apprehended, while taking a bribe of Rs.80,000 from Gupta, on behalf of the SI Bhardwaj.

While announcing the sentence, the court said: "Like all cancer drugs, which are highly toxic in nature, the treatment of people convicted for corruption has to be severe, so as to have a strong effect on the issues/fabric of the society."

"Cancer causing pathogens of the society can only be eradicated by strong medicine, in the shape of severe deterrent punishment."