Despite a long-stretched resistance, the odd-even traffic rule in Delhi was off to a great start 1 January, 2016. Commuters were seen practising the new AAP-proposed law to curb air pollution in the capital city of India.

The odd-even traffic rule, that applies to four wheelers in Delhi, is on a test run for 15 days. During this time, if you think commuting without your car that has an odd or even numberplate will get hectic, check out these free carpool apps.

Ola CarPool and Ola Cab Share

Ola cabs is one of the biggest taxi hailing services in India. With the implementation of the odd-even rule, Delhites can take advantage of Ola's CarPool or Cab Share services.

Cab Share is a feature integrated within the Ola app. It lets you share your Ola ride. Other people headed in the same direction can board the cab, which also turns out to be cheaper as you split the fare.

CarPool is another feature within the Ola app, which lets you register your car for carpooling trips on odd or even days. Drivers can set the point of origin and destination so others can carpool with them. This feature is free, but Ola lets you "gift" money to the driver via Ola Money.

Ola is a free app and it is available for download on Google Play Store and iTunes.


Just like Ola, Uber is a taxi-hailing service. UberPool is works like Ola CarPool to let riders share their cabs with other passengers heading in the same direction. Uber is available as a free download on iTunes and Google Play Store.


Ryde is another carpooling app that can help Delhites travel with ease. Drivers must register, define their route and price per seat. Drivers have the freedom to accept or reject requests by passengers. Ryde lets riders pay by cash or via secure online method. The service is available in Gurgaon, Noida and New Delhi.

You can download Ryde for free from iTunes and Google Play Store.

BlaBla Car

BlaBla Car is a carpooling app that lets riders choose their rides based on the route. Users simply enter their point of origin and destination and the app presents them with a list of people offering rides in that direction.

BlaBla Car is available as a free download on Google Play Store and iTunes.

Odd-Even Ride

In wake of the odd-even rule in Delhi, this new app was launched to present commuters with a feasible solution. Once you register your car and phone number, there will be a list of riders on the similar route. This app lets riders travel with others who commute around similar timings and lets you contact each other via SMS or call.

Currently, Odd-Even Ride is available only for Android smartphones, and it can be downloaded from Google Play Store.