Rape Protests in Delhi
Rape Protests in DelhiReuters

The brutal sexual assault and torture of a five-year-old girl in Delhi has triggered mass protests in the national capital and evoked angry and concerned reactions from celebrities and commoners alike.

A five-year-old minor was abducted on 15 April and raped repeatedly before neighbours discovered the girl on 17 April after hearing her cries from the ground floor of the building where Manoj Kumar, the accused, lived. The 25-year-old man from Bihar was arrested on Saturday.

The police have charged the accused under several sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), including sections 307 (attempt to murder), 376 (a) (rape) and 362-A (kidnapping) among others.

Many have taken to social network to condemn the inhumane act, where foriegn objects were found inside the body of the minor. Here are some of the outbursts on Twitter.

Manoj Bajpayee "Shame shame! it happens again in delhi. how can you even describe this brutality?"

Pritish Nandy: Dildaar Dilli: Delhi's new tourism tagline. The same city where cops slap young girls, make them bleed when they protest against rape.

Karan Johar tweeted, "If the Delhi rape on the bus couldn't alter the foundation of our country.... then doom is our next door eventuality!!!"

Vishal Dadlani tweeted, "Angry at my sheer helplessness. Is this the country we want to live in? Is this who we want to be known as? Worse...is this who we are?"

UNICEF India: #delhirape is yet another sign that urgent and concerted action is needed to make sure that girls and women in India can feel and be safe

Shekhar Verma: No lesson learned from tragic December Incident.And it also proves mere ACT will not work, Action required Mr Prime Minster

Bhavana Jaiswal: And then we wonder why criminals are not scared of the law. No wonder the city is going to the dogs

Janak Acharya: The person who did that to a child deserves to be killed. They all do

deepthi aravind: natives of delhi stay away from delhi.rapists r around u. next u will be the victim of rape or ur sister brother parents relatives

Abhishek Sharma: Give them to pharma companies for drug trials #PunishmentForRapists #DelhiRape

gitika: this time we will have a Gudiya Fund & Devi Award & Masoom Law?

Abhinav Khare: Those with sick mentality deserve shock treatment

Rajesh Advani: Congratulations the five year old will get a new name, and we all will continue to live in shame.

M: The Boston Bomber was caught because their Police got involved Indian Rapists will never be caught because Our Police is Involved

Preeti Biswas: We need more of actions and less of words now. Its high time the #GoI reacts to it in a stringent manner. Screw the perpetrators.

Sheetal Sandhu: The parents who don't raise their boys to respect women will never see them becoming a man.

Ankur Dhaka: As of now, Internationally We'll be known as "DESPICABLE India" instead of "INCREDIBLE India"

farzi doctor: #DelhiRape the law makers and law enforcers are equally responsible.. Prevention is too much to expect.. Atleast act !!!