A group of Delhi men on Saturday gathered at Delhi's Janatar Mantar Road to state an appeal of a different kind.

Around 80 men assembled as a part of the rally 'Public Apology from Delhi Men to Delhi Women' organised by the NGO, India For Integrity.

The protest saw men dressed in black holding placards with slogans "Delhi Women: I'm sorry, I'm changing.'

WSJ India, quoted Jonathan Abraham of India For Integrity as saying, "In the protests after the Delhi gang rape everyone was talking about punishment for the perpetrators but no one was asking 'How can I change and make Delhi better and respect women more?'"

The rally was an initiative on the group's part to embalm the situation which has been degrading ever since the brutal gang rape of a 23-year-old woman in December.

A long strip of paper at the venue of the rally had men writing out messages like "Stop passing vulgar comments. I am changing. You also do." Another earnest one read out, "My Silence Enables Injustice."

"The idea of this event is to get men to think more introspectively and to take responsibility," said Abraham.

Seeing the men in protest, onlookers readily participated and took up the placards, even writing in their messages, while some just seemed shocked to admit the purpose of the protest.

The rally pledged for improvement in the scenario by respecting women at workplace, disparaging objectification of women and declining dowry.

A similar protest was carried out in Bangalore's Cubbon Park earlier this year when men expressed their support against gender related crimes by turning up in skirts.