Delhi Tops the List of Most Unsafe Metro City; Mumbai, Bangalore Among Safest
Delhi Tops the List of Most Unsafe Metro City; Mumbai, Bangalore Among Safest Reuters

A travel survey conducted among Indian women revealed that Delhi is the most unsafe metro city in India for travel while Mumbai is branded as the safest followed by Bangalore and Ahmadabad.

The survey was conducted by travel portal TripAdvisor among 500 women who travel alone for leisure, business or both. The survey targeted employed women as well as homemakers.

Delhi topped the unfortunate list with almost 84 percent of women voting against it. Mumbai scored the safest city's title with 34 percent of votes.  

The survey report stated, "Due to the recent spate of crime against women, the national capital has gained notoriety with 84 per cent women claiming it to be the most unsafe metro," reported PTI.

One of the shocking facts the survey revealed was that 94 percent of women thought it unsafe to travel alone within India but felt the opposite when travelling abroad.

About six percent said that they felt worried to travel alone to international destinations but not in India.

About 24 percent of the respondents felt travelling was unsafe India. It was also found that 33 percent of women travel with self-defence weapons like taser and pepper spray while travelling to a new or unfamiliar city.

In the working women category, 37 percent of them said that they did not bother travelling alone but were concerned about their safety. About 41 percent of women enjoy travelling alone for work and 76 percent for holiday.

Another finding of the survey was that about 34 percent of women loved to travel alone and found solo travelling adventures and exciting.

According to Nikhil Ganju, Country Manager, TripAdvisor India, "The rise in women travelling alone on business is an understandable fallout of the increase in the number of working women. The real surprise is the significant number of Indian women who are choosing to travel solo on vacation."

However, considering the safety factor almost a majority of women (78 percent) preferred to stay in an all women's hotel or on a women exclusive floor in a hotel, when travelling alone.