Delhi High Court.
Delhi High Court.Creative Commons/Khabar chitv

The Delhi High Court Chief Justice has formed a panel to examine at least 300 lower-court judges in connection with the alleged financial irregularities in the purchase of computers and laptops from funds provided by the National Capital Territory government in 2013.

Chief Justice G Rohini has asked the panel of three judges – Vipin Sanghi, Rajiv Shakdher and VK Rao – to look into how each judge invested ₹1.1 lakh sanctioned to them for buying either computers, laptops or iPads, The Times of India reported.

Rohini has asked the panel to examine the documents of purchase and bank details submitted by these judges, to find out about the alleged laptop scam that came to light after the court officials conducted a routine vigilance inquiry.

"All judges were initially under probe but the panel has now zeroed in on roughly 300 officers against whom preliminary discrepancies have been found. The focus is on correctness of the utilisation certificate given by them to HC relating to the purchases," TOI quoted a source as saying.

"It has emerged some may have bought TVs or home theatre systems out of the sanctioned sum instead of computers," the source added.

If any of the judges are proven guilty of misusing the sanctioned money in the alleged scam, they would face dismissal from the service.