Delhi Gang Rape Case: Five Prosecution Witness to Testify Against Accused on Tuesday
Delhi Gang Rape Case: Five Prosecution Witness to Testify Against Accused on Tuesday Reuters

In an interview with Zee News channel, the male friend of Delhi gang rape victim revealed that the cops wasted half an hour arguing under which jurisdiction the case fell instead of helping them.

Making his public appearance for the first after the shocking incident on December 16, the victim's friend  blamed the police and the passersby over their insensitive behaviour around the crime scene. He told Zee News that three PCR (Police Control Room) vans arrived at the spot and the police resorted on discussing the jurisdiction instead of taking the victim to the hospital. 

"My friend was bleeding profusely; I was more concerned about her. But instead of taking us to a nearby hospital, they (police) took us to a hospital (Safdarjung) that was far away," he told Zee News."The policemen didn't help us because my friend girl was bleeding profusely and they were probably worried about their clothes," he added.

Narrating the horrifying incident, the victim's friend said that the girl was taken to Safdarjung Hospital instead of being rushed to a near-by hospital. He was not provided clothes and lay on the floor while the victim was rushed in for the treatment. He added that he was made to lie on a stretcher for four days in the police station and was not given proper treatment despite his injuries. Later, he underwent treatment at his own expense.

The victim's male friend also narrated how the six accused in the case coaxed the duo to board the bus that had tinted glasses and curtains. Later, three of them started uttering obscene comments over the girl upon which he retorted and picked up a quarrel with them. He was then beaten up by two with iron rods. He also said that the accused tried to mow them down after throwing off both from bus but he managed to save her.

He said that the bus drove for two-and-a-half hours through the city while the heinous crime took place inside.

He stated that the decision to shift the victim from Safdarjung Hospital to Mount Elizabeth hospital in Singapore was "opportunistic" which aimed at controlling the nationwide protest. He argued that had she been rushed to a better hospital at the beginning, she would have been survived.

The girl was determined to fight back and gave her statement twice to the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) in which she urged that the accused be burnt alive, he added.

"When I had met my friend in the hospital, she was smiling. She was able to write and was positive. I never felt that she did not want to live,"  he told Zee News.

He urged the people to continue the protests to pressurize the government authorities and opined that he was not in favour of naming the revised anti-rape law after her.