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The father of the 23-year-old Delhi gang-rape victim has expressed his desire of having a hospital built in his daughter's name and a road in the national capital as a memorial.

The grieving father, whose native village doesn't have proper medical facilities, wants his daughter's death to be commemorated in a positive way.

"I have three [demands]: a hospital, a road named after my daughter in my village and also a road in Delhi in her memory, all the deficiencies in our village should be taken care of," he told The Daily Telegraph.

The 23-year-old physiotherapy student was gang raped and killed by six men in a moving bus on Dec 16. The girl had sustained severe internal organ damage in the attack, forcing the doctors to remove her intestines. She succumbed to her injuries at a Singapore hospital two weeks later.

Almost 21 days after the incident, the victim's father spoke shared details about his daughter to British-based newspaper "Sunday People". He said that his daughter aspired to be a doctor and so building a hospital in her name would be ideal.

"Our village doesn't have any health facilities. It has no amenities, not even consistent electricity. My daughter wanted to be a doctor and help people so the best thing would be to construct a hospital in her name. I would be very proud of that," he told The Sunday People.

"I will fulfill her dreams and make sure my sons get a good education and stand on their own two feet and do well. They have to fulfill her dreams now," he added.