Delhi Rape Case Protest
Delhi Rape Case Protest Reuters

The condition of the 23-year-old para-medical student, who was gang-raped in a moving bus on Dec 16, is deteriorating, said reports.

The doctors treating the girl at Safdarjung Hospital said that girl is developing respiratory problems and might be put on ventilator again. Her platelet count had dropped compared to the level on Friday.

The doctors reported that the girl is in the initial stages of septicaemia, which is a blood infection caused due to low platelet count. A further drop may lead to internal bleeding. She is being administered platelet-rich plasma.

Despite her physical condition, the girl had shown improvements psychologically."The condition of the patient has shown improvement and she is psychologically totally balanced and in a positive frame of mind," medical superintendent B.D. Athani told The Hindu.

Commenting on victim's psychological condition, Dr Kuldip Kumar said, "Doctors followed a sensitive approach while interacting with the patient and our preliminary investigations have shown that she is psychologically composed. The patient is responding well but it is still too early to say anything. Psychologically the patient is stable, optimistic and hopes of having a good future."

Meanwhile, protestors demanding justice for the girl turned violent following the evacuation from Raisina Hills and Sonia Gandhi's residence. Thousands had gathered at India Gate at 9 am on Sunday and were forced to vacate after police imposed Section 144 of IPC around the area. The section demanded that no more than two people are allowed to assemble in an area. 

Several protestors were detained for refusing to oblige to the orders. Those who were forced into police vans tried to come out of but were pushed back. Some of the protesters punctured the tires while others refused to budge while lying in front of the vans.

"We are here to protest a heinous crime. We have the right to protest," Pushpa, a Nepali national, told PTI.

Police have made several arrangements to evacuate the area and the number of protesters is expected to rise on Sunday. Barricades were placed at Raisina Hills and Rajpath and Eight metro stations have been closed down. Authorities have also asked the protesters to move to Jantar Mantar or Ramlila Maidan for carrying out demonstrations.