Kiran Bedi
BJP leader Kiran Bedi during an election rally in New Delhi on 27 January, 2014.IANS

In a newly designed campaign for the upcoming Assembly polls in Delhi, the BJP has adopted strategic measures in reaching out to voters under the leadership of party chief Amit Shah. 

Surprisingly, the chief ministerial candidate of the Saffron party Kiran Bedi has been missing from most of the campaign posters. Bedi's mention in election speeches has also been excluded. 

The posters of the Saffron party only includes images of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Party Chief Amit Shah and the local party candidate of the constituency where the campaign takes place, according NDTV. Shah too did not mention Bedi's name as he spoke in a rally at Janakpuri today and Union Minister Smriti Irani didn't speak about BJP's chief ministerial candidate in another rally as well. 

In the rally at Janakpuri, Shah attacked Kejriwal and said that earlier the AAP leader had promised that he would never make use of any government assets but did not stick to his promise.

The BJP chief also attacked Congress leader Rahul Gandhi by responding to the questions he had asked about what changes did the BJP make after coming to power at the centre. Shah said that Rahul did not see the changes that have been made, since he always looked through the Italian spectacle.

Meanwhile, top cop-turned politician Bedi, who was announced as the BJP's chief ministerial candidate a couple of days after she joined the party, continued with her roadshows in the capital.

Veteran party leaders of the BJP are in the meantime taking on Bedi's main rival Arvind Kejriwal of AAP in the campaigns. Kejriwal has been confronted with the second installment of five questions by two central ministers of the BJP.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi too is scheduled to address a rally at CBD Ground in East Delhi tomorrow.