Kiran Bedi
BJP CM candidate and former IPS officer Kiran Bedi.IANS

The war of words between estranged former anti-corruption activists seems far from over.

After AAP leader Kumar Vishwas said there was suspicion among the activists that Kiran Bedi was soft on the BJP, she hit back, asking if that was the case, then why did they offer Delhi CM's post to her, referring to 2013 Delhi Assembly polls.      

"If they did not trust me, why did they offer me CM's post?" the BJP's chief ministerial candidate said, responding to media questions on AAP's allegations.

Few days ago, Vishwas had told a news channel that Bedi advised her then co-activist and now chief of rival Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Arvind Kejriwal to go soft on the BJP.  

Vishwas had also said that Bedi was a BJP sympathiser since the days of the anti-corruption movement.

He  also alleged that Bedi was busy tweeting during the Nirbhaya protests while he along with Manish Sisodia was receiving 'lathis' during the protest.

Bedi had earlier refused to make any comments on allegations of her being soft on the BJP, saying that she did not have the time for such baseless charges.

Meanwhile, another anti-corruption activist and former AAP member Shazia Ilmi, who joined the BJP recently, has accused Kejriwal of being an "opportunist."

"A man who used Swaraj and Janlokpal bill, used Anna Hazare's name, gave up everything he stood for, isn't he an opportunist," she said.