Arvind Kejriwal
Arvind KejriwalIndia Against Corruption

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit filed a defamation suit against India Against Corruption activist and wannabe politician Arvind Kejriwal on Monday for allegedly using derogatory words against her. He has been directed to respond to the notice within two days.

Dikshit and her aides singled out the term 'dalaal', used by Kejriwal and termed his remark as "filthy language." The word "dalaal" means "deal maker or one who makes deal" in English.

"I sent the notice to Arvind Kejriwal for use of filthy language, use of the word 'dalaal' for Sheila Dikshit. There has to be civility in public discourse. I will respond to Arvind after two days through the court of law. This legal notice to Arvind is in my personal capacity as his statements hurt me," said Dikshit's political secretary Pawan Khera, according to CNN IBN.

Unfazed by legal notice against him, Kejriwal said that he is not afraid about any notice. He also reportedly added that he and his supporters would continue to do so until her party leaders end all the irregularities.

"Yes we are defaming you... and will continue to do so till the time you and your government continue with wrongdoings," he said, while addressing the gathering of protesters, according to Times of India.

Kejriwal, who nurtures political aspirations, has launched a 'bijli paani' movement in the national capital against the government as he plans to contest Delhi assembly elections. His protest is reportedly termed as publicity stunt by Dikshit as she accused him of "misleading public" to benefit his political agenda.

'Bijli paani' movement is against hike in power and water bills in Delhi. The Kejriwal camp has alleged that the state government has raised the tariff prices in order to provide monetary favour to private companies.