Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday sacked his cabinet minister for environment and food, Asim Ahmed Khan over charges of taking a bribe and being in a 'nexus with a builder'.  

The Chief Minister said that the government had received a complaint with an audio clip exposing Khan's corruption, and said he personally reviewed it. 

"We received a serious complaint of corruption against Khan. The complainant sent us a 1-hour audio clip. Manish and I listened to that audio clip and did a preliminary assessment. Prima facie it seems to be a serious matter," Kejriwal said at a news conference on Friday, during which he said he will also take the complaint against the minister to the CBI. 

"We will not make any compromises on corruption, even if we have to make sacrifices," the AAP leader said. 

Kejriwal called the AAP government's decision to sack the minister 'historic' and called for the BJP to do the same. 

"No party in history has sacked its own minister. The BJP should also sack Shivraj Chahan and Vasundhara Raje," Kejriwal said. 

MLA Imran Hussain will replace Khan in the Delhi cabinet. 

Kejriwal had earlier taken to Twitter to ask party member Somnath Bharti to surrender to the Delhi police in a domestic violence case.