Illegal construction
A New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) excavator demolishes illegal houses in New Delhi on 18 July, 2009.Reuters file

A junior engineer from MCD was slapped by BJP councillor Neeraj Gupta for trying to stop an illegal construction in South Delhi.

Gupta has been caught on camera slapping the official after an argument. He was seen trying to hit him again, but was controlled by the people gathered there, reports NDTV.

Gupta is a councillor from Sangam Vihar, where mainly low income families reside.

"There is no space of [sic] violence in democracy. As a principle no one, especially a public representative, should resort to violence," said BJP spokesman Nalin Kohli.

The incident was seized upon by rival parties ahead of the 7 February assembly polls in Delhi.

"What does the BJP want? If they think they can win this election through violence, they are mistaken," said Sanjay Singh of AAP.