A 14-year-old girl was kidnapped on her way to school by six men, who then gang-raped her inside a moving vehicle in Delhi on Friday, reports said.

According to the police, the schoolgirl was abducted near her house in Jai Vihar and was taken to Dichaon village in the Najafgarh area around 7:30 am on Thursday.

One of the accused reportedly was her neighbour who waylaid her near her residence and pushed her into an SUV, according to PTI.

"The accused took the girl to an isolated area in Dichaon village near Najafgarh and all of them raped her inside the vehicle. When she objected and tried to scream, they also allegedly threatened to kill her," said the police.

Local TV reports said the police were tipped off about the incident by a resident of Dichaon village who witnessed crime and reported the matter to the traffic cops.

The traffic cops then forwarded the information to the police, who intercepted the vehicle.

Five of the accused were arrested by the police, while one of them managed to escape.