Juan Martin Del Potro
Juan Martin Del Potro will not represent Argentina in the Davis Cup this year. Reuters

Juan Martin Del Potro ruled himself out of the 2014 Davis Cup following long standing differences with Argentine Tennis Association (AAT). 

"In November I wrote a letter showing my displeasure with the double standards and hypocrisy prevailing around Davis Cup. Since then, nothing has changed, but has gotten worse. Profound changes are needed to correct the mistakes that have been repeated over the years," said the World No. 5.

Argentina will have to win the September playoffs, against a team that's not been decided yet, to retain their World Group status after having been upset by Italy in the first round, which they played without Del Potro.

Del Potro made it clear that he won't be representing Argentina this year. He rubbished reports that suggested he would take part in special circumstances. His relations with the current captain Martin Jaite and teammates including David Nalbandian are sour to say the least.

"I won't permit my name to be used to justify resignations that will only paper over the cracks. I never asked for a [specific] captain and always respected others' decisions even if they didn't respect me," the Tandil native maintained in the open letter to the AAT.

"Out of consideration for the people who follow me, who enjoy tennis, who have a memory and know what I've done in the Davis Cup and Olympic Games, for the sake of the silent majority who like this sport and to stay far way from insulting rivals or punish someone from their country, I will not play the Davis Cup for the rest of 2014."

AAT's president Arturo Grimaldi, on the other hand, said he was surprised by Del Potro's scathing letter. "I'd like to get together with Del Potro and talk with him. People forget what he's done for Argentina," Grimaldi told TyC Sports. "There must be a failing on our part."