Ali Pourmohamad

Defining a short film in the first stage requires recognizing and examining various structural aspects, and in the next stage determining social status. This post is taken from the words of Ali Pourmohamad, who recently gave a brief explanation about the short film on his Instagram page. This article tries to avoid the ambiguities in the definitions of filmmakers and short film theorists and to have a realistic view of short films based on the inevitable facts.

Ali talks about the features of the short film and explains it.

The first point he makes is "time".

"Since the short film is shown in a short time, and we have a maximum of 15 minutes, we have to make the best use of it," he says.

The next point he mentions is "crew" and he says in this regard: What comes to mind in relation to the crew of short films is a camera device with a limited number of staff and actors, which are essentially the names of novices because short films can be considered the beginning of filmmaking and directing.

The next point he mentions is "audience". In this regard, he says that short films have no other audience except us, the directors of short films. Audiences shy away from the short film because the short film lacks one of the inherent elements of art, and that is pleasure, because the short film may deprive the audience of the main pleasure of watching the film as soon as it is over.

The next point is "content". "We watch the film and what do we learn. Thought, message, slogan or abstraction. These are the things that are encountered in a short film. The short film is devoid of emotion because we think that just showing something is enough, and the message is not conveyed well" he says.

The next point is "low budget". We limit the locations to the wall of our house or our neighbor, we minimize the use of raw materials, and we reduce the time as much as possible, but why? Because short films have no return on investment, and it is a hobby that the less we spend the better.

The last point is "social status"

Unfortunately, short filmmakers in society do not have the same credibility as the directors of other works and may not be as famous as them, but the problem is that in a 15-minute short film, may have an impact on society that 15 seasons of the series cannot have it either.

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