Ji Sung as Park Jung-Woo in upcoming SBS drama Defendant.Youtube/Screenshot

Defendant, an upcoming Korean mini-series, is scheduled to premiere on SBS next Monday, January 23, at 10pm KST. It features Entertainer actor Ji Sung and Girls' Generation singer Kwon Yuri in lead roles.

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The period drama revolves around the life of a defence attorney named Park Jung-Woo, who ends up behind bars after suffering from a memory loss. He is being charged with his wife's mysterious death and daughter's missing case.

Unfortunately, the male protagonist does not remember anything about the incident and fails to deny the accusations. In order to prove his innocence, a public prosecutor named Seo Eun-Hye reaches out to help him. Both of them work together to connect all the missing threads for finding out the real culprit.

A 42-second-long sneak peek video of Defendant introduces Ji Sung as one of the top prosecutors in the country. It shows him addressing the media and reassuring them that he will expose the culprit's real identity. The clip ends by featuring him behind bars trying to hold back the tears as he counts the days to his death sentence.

The promo also introduces the viewers to Eom Ki-joon's character, who will probably portray the antagonist. He will be playing the roles of two individuals in the drama, Cha Sun-Ho and his twin brother Cha Min-Ho.

Meanwhile, the promotional photos for the crime thriller focus on the bonding between the male protagonist and his daughter played by The Legend Of The Blue Sea actress Shin Rin-ah.

Other cast members of the crime thriller are Oh Chang-Suk as Kang Joon-Hyuk, Uhm Hyun Kyung as Na Yeon-Hee, Son Yeo-Eun as Yoon Ji-Soo, Jo Jae-Yun as Doomok, Yun Yong-Hyeon as Bangjang, Oh Dae-Hwan as Moongchi, Ye Soo-Jung as Madame Myung and Kim Seung-Hoon as prison security chief among others.

Watch the official trailer of Defendant below: