Just a day after the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir

Omar Abdullah
No Defence: Omar Abdullah

 declared that the controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and the Disturbed Areas Act (DAA) would be revoked in some parts of the state very soon, the Defence Ministry has played down the idea.

Sources said that the Defence Ministry is against the revocation of AFSPA and DAA in Jammu and Kashmir, even though the Chief Minister hinted on revoking the acts only in selected areas. The Ministry is of the opinion that it is not feasible to lift the acts, as around 2,500 militants are said to be present in 42 training camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. However, it is willing to reduce the visibility of the army in the state.

Meanwhile, Omar Abdullah is scheduled to meet the Cabinet, Home and Defence Secretaries tomorrow to discuss security matters in the state. Another meeting has also been planned with Northern Army Commander and other officials to discuss the security situation in the state and the feasibility of lifting AFSPA and DAA.

The Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister, while addressing the Police Commemoration Day, suggested that the time had come to revoke the two contentious acts, which were invoked in the state due to terrorism. He did not mention the areas where AFSPA would be revoked but did say that it would be lifted in some areas.