Today is Mother's Day and you're trying to make your mother feel special. Today is not the day to have a complex about your flaws. Parents love their children, and in your mother's eyes, you may not be able to do any wrong.

Still, there are some kids and some people who you know may topple your feelings of security with their shining performance. Deepika Padukone is one of those kids, and her latest Mother's day post is proof enough. 

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone's latest post shows she was a budding athlete

Your parents may love you, doesn't mean you're not insecure or don't have flaws. And then there are kids who make parents fall in love with them, with talent, prowess in many fields, all-rounders. That's when you start to feel like you could do better. Deepika Padukone proved she was that kid on the block. You remember the one your parents always said was an example to follow? Yes, that kid. 

Her latest Instagram post is a throwback to her childhood and is a heartwarming tribute to her mom. She captioned it, "For your unconditional love, for always putting our priorities before your own, for holding us together...Every step of the way! And last but not the least, for showing us how to be ridiculously meticulous! (as shown in exhibit B)."

The Bollywood actress was indeed meticulous. Her photo of a smiling Deepika Padukone holding all her trophy and certificates. On the back of the photo, you'll know exactly all the events in which she received a prize- Long jump, 75 m run, 50 m run, 8 X 50 m relay. She was also declared the Overall Individual Champion. Surely, if that doesn't make you feel nervous that means you were a champion yourself and if not, you're one of the daring few. Happy Mother's Day!