Deepika Padukone During the IPL Opening Ceremony
Deepika Padukone During the IPL Opening CeremonyFacebook

It seems actress Deepika Padukone is in trouble after gaining a few kilos in the last few months. She is reportedly into cocktail diet in order to lose some weight for her role in the film, "Ram Leela".

The leggy lass, who was known for her well-toned figure and bikini-perfect body, had of late gained some pounds. Her weight gain was apparent at the recently performed in the IPL opening ceremony, where her thunderous highs were exposed in her boddy-hugging outfit.

Deepika is reportedly trying to drop the extra kilos to fit perfectly into the outfits designed by Anju Modi for her upcoming film, "Ram Leela" by director Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

"Maintaining an optimal weight and size is very crucial for Deepika who has been juggling three different kinds of roles in three of her upcoming films. She has to ensure that she fits into the costumes of Ram Leela that Anju Modi has designed for a schedule in Mumbai by the end of the month. But the fact that she has visibly added few inches to her girth has been brought up by her close friends as well," a source close to the actress told Mumbai Mirror.

"It's been difficult for her, but she is aware of the extra inches she has added and is trying her best to keep it under check. She can't take chances with Bhansali, who can be quite exacting when it comes to continuity - remember how he fired Ranveer Singh for trimming his moustache?" added the source.

Now, she has been reportedly advised to take up 'Cocktail' diet to lose the extra weight.

Cocktail diet includes a miraculous South American cereal quinoa and prescribes small meals at regular intervals.

Deepika's iconic svelte figure will be in focus once more as she shoots in denim shorts for "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani" and "Ram Leela".

For this, Dipppy has to really work on those long legs if she wants to score the "Cocktail" (film) magic again!