Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have, for the longest time, kept their "relationship" under wraps but they are not playing hide-and-seek anymore.

Talking to Hindustan Times about the recent marriage rumours the two were hit with, Padukone said: "Not at the moment (smiles). People seem to know more about my life than even I do (smiles)."

What's interesting to note is, the gossips haven't affected her much. She told the daily how it was completely okay for people to make up random stories about the equation she shared with Singh, adding that she has never felt the need to define what makes them what they are today.

The news of them looking at making their relationship official surfaced last month when a source told DNA how the parents had some issues before but all's been settled now. "It was due for a while. But Ranveer and Deepika had family issues. They absolutely love their parents and wouldn't move ahead without their consent. While Ranveer's parents were most happy with their son's choice, it took Deepika's parents some time to come around," the insider elaborated.

People might be taken with Singh's energy, but when with his lady love, he's a different person. "Mature", "intelligent", and "different", the young actor is often misunderstood because he's like a "joker" who jumps around from one place to another. "He is very sensitive, emotional and most importantly, very grounded," added Padukone.

In other news, Singh will be next seen in Aditya Chopra's "Befikre", while Padukone may be seen in Vin Diesel's "XXX: The Return of Xander Cage". However, she is yet to make an official announcement regarding upcoming projects.