Deepika Padukone recently made a remark about Ranbir Kapoor's marriage, which became viral in no time. Although Deepika's comment was out of jest, it was taken seriously by many, and this has hurt the actress.

Deepika and Ranbir's off-screen camaraderie is no less than their on-screen chemistry and the two often jokingly tease each other.

Of late, Deepika was quoted as saying, "Ranbir can't get married till I allow him to." This was apparently taken out of context and the "Tamasha" actress was criticised by many.

According to a report by ANI, Deepika was very hurt when she read the report and comments, which said, "How can she say this?", "What does she think of herself?", etc.

Meanwhile, Ranbir clarified the incident and asserted that his "Tamasha" co-actress said that jokingly and it was taken out of context.

"They (Tamasha team) had asked me when will I marry? Then they saw Deepika, like she is my mom, and asked her what she feels about it," the report quoted Ranbir as saying.

Ranbir also added that many times, people only read the headlines and not the actual material inside.

Ranbir and Deepika were once a real-life couple but their relationship did not last long. Now, Ranbir is in a relationship with Katrina Kaif, while Deepika is involved with Ranveer Singh.