From whipping out delicious treats to documenting their kitchen struggles, Bollywood stars are channeling their inner chefs and taking up cooking to keep themselves busy in the lockdown period. Here's a low-down on what's cooking in their lives:

Deepika, Alia, Katrina
Deepika Padukone, Alia and Katrina.Instagram


The Bollywood actress has turned into a "masterchef", and is treating her husband and actor Ranveer Singh to scrumptious meals. From their "cheesy" love to pizza date to "yummilicious" desserts, Ranveer keeps on sharing Deepika's love for cooking on his Instagram. The actress also cooked Thai cuisine and biryani.


Alia Bhatt seems to have developed a culinary knack to pass her lockdown hours. Recently, the actress baked a grain free paleo banana bread, and was again captured in casual pajamas making pudding for her sister Shaheen.


Kangana is also using her free time to bake, and made some delicious cupcakes recently. Her moments in the kitchen were posted on Instagram by Kangana's Instagram handle 'Team Kangana Ranaut'.


Vicky is also using his Instagram to document his time in the kitchen, and was recently seen honing his omelette flipping skills in the kitchen.


The lockdown period has brought out the inner chef in Katrina Kaif, though the actress isn't sure about what she ends up cooking! In a Instagram post, she documented her kitcher outing by posting an image of a dish, which seems to be a pancake-omelet hybrid. "We're not sure what it is either.... we ll let u know when we do," wrote the actress, who was cooking with her sister.


Kriti is using all the free time during the lockdown to brush up her cooking skills. She showed the proof by posting pictures of chia pudding and quinoa oats banana cake.


Diljit has also donned the chef's hat amid lockdown. He used Instagram to share moments of himself cooking and channeling his inner cook. In a recent post, he showed step-by-step on how to make "Nutri keema matar".

Malaika Arora, Arjun Kapoor
Malaika Arora, Arjun Kapoor


The actress-model is using Instagram to flaunt her culinary skills. Amid the lockdown, she is satiating her sweet tooth -- by sometimes making besan ladoos and sometimes by making paniyaram. Recently, Arjun Kapoor took to Instagram Stories to share a glimpse of dessert made by Malaika.


Amid all the coronavirus chaos, Sidharth is trying his hands at something new, and cooking prawns.


Arjun Kapoor also tried his hand at cooking, prefers to call himself a 'fake baker'. Recently, Arjun shared a hilarious Boomerang video on Instagram, where he can be seen trying to bake something with his pet dog Maximus by his side.

"I'm sure Maximus the real Gunda sang this song in his head cause it's the first time he's seen me the Fake Baker attempt anything in the kitchen," he wrote.


The South star has turned into quite an expert chef during the lockdown quarantine. The actress recently showed off her skills at baking a carrot cake, and whipping up the perfect Punjabi khasta samosa.


Tamannah also tried her hand at cooking recently, and shared a picture on Instagram in which she is seen whisking a batter to make pancakes with toppings placed around the counter.


Sonam is enjoying her lockdown period by making tasty treats for her family in Delhi. She recently whipped up a chocolate walnut cake.