Deepak Kalal beaten in Delhi
Deepak Kalal beaten in DelhiYouTube screenshot/Instagram

Internet sensation, Deepak Kalal got beaten publicly in Delhi. The controversial YouTuber was thrashed left and right, and the entire incident was run live on Deepak's YouTube channel.

Deepak, who is known for uploading cringe-worthy videos on the internet, was caught hold of by a group of men on the highways of Delhi, and badly thrashed by a person called Deepak Nandal.

The video, which was run live on Deepak's own YouTube channel, shows the man repeatedly slapping him, and telling him not to make such "inappropriate" videos ever again. Deepak, on the other hand, is seen apologizing and seeking forgiveness from him and his followers.

Deepak Nandal, who according to his Facebook page is a producer, is seen telling that Deepak Kalal's videos are seen by teenagers and kids on whom such clips put bad impact. He further said that if again he sees Deepak Kalal making any such video, he would find him from any corner of the world, and would again beat him. He, however, asked Kalal's followers to appreciate him if he makes any "good" video.

While there is no doubt that Deepak Kalal's videos are often highly inappropriate and full of semi-nudity, beating him and making it live on internet certainly is not the right thing to do either, and he may face legal action for the same.

Deepak Nandal is even seen in the video saying that he would beat all others also who would extend support to the YouTuber. The video received strong response from Kalal's followers, who also expressed strong discontent at beating him for his videos.

Watch the video below:

Kalal was recently in news for announcing his would-be-marriage with Rakhi Sawant. The duo had called multiple press conferences, and announced that they would have a live honeymoon. This of course turned out to be just a publicity stunt, and the marriage never happened.