Artificial Intelligence

There haven't been many technological breakthroughs in recent history that are as significant and as impactful as artificial intelligence. Gone are the days wherein robots and machine learning were only ideas to be found in science fiction novels. Not only has artificial intelligence made some really great strides as a discipline, but more and more members of the masses have adopted artificial intelligence into their everyday life. In the past, everyone would think of movies like the Terminator or iRobot when it came to talks of artificial intelligence. But now, sophisticated AI software can be found in the everyday devices that we use. Now, you might be curious how AI is applied in the modern world these days. And you would be surprised to see just how far-reaching AI has really become.


Have you ever encountered a random ad online and found it strange that it seemed to be marketing an item that you were looking for? Well, it might amuse you to know that these ads aren't random or coincidental at all. You are getting these ads by design as a result of AI. Artificial intelligence has made it possible for marketing managers and advertising agencies to really target their messaging and communication to a specific group of consumers. This makes the whole advertising and marketing scheme a lot more deliberate and effective.


The stock market is a volatile money machine. And AI has been responsible for making people richer beyond their wildest dreams. With sophisticated AI software, industry analysts and experts are put in better positions to predict financial trends that allow them to make better decisions with their funds and investments. AI is a sought-after commodity in the finance world and for a good reason.

Health Care

More and more companies are looking to make health care more efficient with the work of AI. Through artificial intelligence technology, patients and medical professionals are given a better opportunity to work together to ensure proper treatment and medical care. There are various AI tools out there that can serve as an extra set of eyes and ears for doctors to provide diagnoses and treatments to patients.


The gaming industry worldwide is a big one. Whether it be with traditional videogames, open world experiences, online casino games or sports simulations. A lot of modern games these days require a good dose of sophisticated AI coding. Therefore, for example, computer-controlled basketball players are able to think for themselves in a basketball simulation game. It's the reason why simulated soldiers have their own individual tactics in the middle of a mission of a first-person shooter game. Even cards and slot games in online casino nowadays have developed complex AI software, that is designed to put them at the best odds. Modern casinos offer games with brilliant graphics and sophisticated technologies, crossing path with the typical console and pc games. AI has really changed the way that games are played and it's likely that it will continue to be an integral aspect of gaming in the future.


Self-driving cars might not be popular in all parts of the world, but they do exist and it's all because of AI. It might take a long while before the mass public really starts to embrace the idea of self-driving cars and it'll take a while longer to get these cards on the road in big numbers. But they already exist and it's a huge testament to the power of AI. It's now a lot more convenient for people to get from point A to point B. Self-driving cars would make driver's licenses obsolete.
AI has an incredible impact in the way that people communicate now. The speech recognition software that you can find on your phone is a result of artificial intelligence. It's that kind of software that allows you to communicate to your devices so casually and freely. It's a method of communication that wasn't even possible just a couple of decades ago. Now, AI is continuously working at making it easier for people of different languages to converse with one another as well.