UPDATE - 16:40 IST: The juvenile convict in the 16 December 2012 rape case was on Saturday shifted out of the remand home in Delhi where he was lodged for three years. 

He has been moved to an undisclosed location, NDTV reported. 

The juvenile will be released on Sunday after the  Delhi High Court said that his detention cannot be extended. 


The juvenile convicted of the rape and murder of Jyoti Singh on 16 December 2012 will receive Rs 10,000 as a one-time grant from the government and a sewing machine to set up a tailoring business in a bid to rehabilitate him, following his release on 20 December.

The plan to rehabilitate the now-adult convict has been formulated by a management committee under the supervision of district child protection officer (District Child Protection Unit), as per the Juvenile Justice (JJ) Rules, which mandates the formation of such a committee for rehabilitation of convicts.

The management committee proposed that "the juvenile should lead a new life with a new identity provided by the appropriate government as applicable in his case if permissible to avoid any backlash or violent reaction" under the plan, which falls under the purview of the Women and Child Development (WCD) Department of Delhi, reported Hindustan Times.

The now 21-year-old convict has been getting regular counselling from the the Mental Health Unit, the Delhi WCD had told the high court. However, the Centre opposed the release of the convict based on an Information Bureau (IB) report which said he had been radicalised.

The management committee plan had proposed that the handover of the convict to his family or relatives be done in an eclosed area so his identity is not compromised.

The release of the convict is going forward in spite of immense backlash from all quarters.

"The juvenile in the Nirbhaya case needs to be supported financially jointly by his parents and by the Delhi government," TOI quoted the WCD report as saying.

"After detailed discussion in the department, it was felt that cutting and tailoring would be an appropriate vocation for him," it added.

"A one-time financial grant of Rs 10,000 by the Delhi government appears to be sufficient for giving him support at the initial stage. The department may arrange for some willing NGO to donate a sewing machine," said the report, adding that he would need space for the tailoring business on rental basis and other equipment.

Additional Solicitor General Sanjay Jain had asked the management committee to address queries about the convict's radicalisation, as has been revealed by an IB report, before releasing him on 20 December.