Two people were killed and four injured when a gunman started shooting people at a Wlamart distribution centre. Reportedly, The two deceased people and the four injured ones were treated at St. Elizabeth Community Hospital in Red Bluff, spokeswoman Allison Hendrickson told The Associated Press. 

Emergency dispatchers told the Record-Searchlight newspaper, that the shooting by man with an "AR-type weapon" started at about 3:30 p.m. at the Walmart distribution center south of Red Bluff. 

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The Uttar Pradesh Police have ruled out any political rivalry in both the shooting incidents.Representational image

Apparently, there was also a fire at the site. Authorities also said that the suspect had apparently rammed his vehicle into the side of the building. There were about 200 workers at the facility, some of whom locked themselves in a room , employees at the center told the KHSL TV station.

The shooter was described as being in a white van that had wedged into the building, the Sacramento Bee reported. The shooter was in the middle of the parking lot, dispatchers said. 

Customer starts firing at shop owner
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The United States is known for its regular shooting incidents. The coronavirus pandemic had caused a significant drop in public shootings but it seems like trigger-happy and stir crazy people are out and about again. 

Public shootings in the United States are a regular occurence and each time it happens, there is a debate on stricter gun control laws, but these debatres never seem to lead anywhere. Tougher access to guns for regular people should help in thwarting such senseless tragedy.