Indian reality shows

An honest and humble request to the reality shows in India. Please stop fooling your audience and doing these 4 things.

The rich are talented too: In your bid to gain all the sympathy, more often than not, you tend to forget showing on the show that the rich are talented too. The emotional turmoil, struggles, hardships that the poor go through to reach up to the stage is commendable, a giving a little credit to the talented lot who do not come from the less oppressed society would also be great.

A little laughter wouldn't hurt: Ever wondered why 'The Kapil Sharma show' turned out to be such a hit? Indian audience was, is and will always be a sucker for some light moments. We understand that not all emotions on these shows are fake, but, a showing us some happy families, some joyful moments would be a great respite.

The questionable public voting: Be it Bigg Boss, Super Dance, Dance Plus, Indian Idol or India's Got Talent; the claim of the winner and eliminations done through the public voting system has always remained the biggest and most open secret of the industry. Time and again, we have seen proofs of the voting system being rigged to garner more TRP.

The fake chemistry: All those reality shows which run on the concept of matchmaking or fixing problem between couples are outright fake and deceptive. Not only do the participants live a different life until the show airs but also break up soon after the show ends in the most appalling manner. So much for happy endings.