Dean Balboa Farley, who bumped into PM David Cameron has said he had
Dean Balboa Farley, who bumped into PM David Cameron has said he had "no idea" that the person he has collided with is PM.Reuters

A member of the public in Leeds, recognised as Dean Balboa Farley, who appeared to bump into PM David Cameron has said that he had "no idea" that the person he has collided with is the Prime Minister of the country and has raised questions on the reliability of the Prime Minister's security system.

Insisting that he was only aware that he had collided with Cameron an hour after he had been arrested by police, Farley said that he wasn't "particularly political" and was only going out on his daily lunchtime jog to the gym when he ran into a "bunch of men in suits".

"I didn't see David Cameron. I didn't know it was David Cameron until they let me out of the police van an hour later," Farley said via BBC. He was eventually released without charge.

"All I saw were a group of men in suits who came out of the Civic Hall," he said before adding: "It begs the question – how good is Cameron's security if I managed to run between it before they stopped me?"

Not many details have been released of the jogger, but Chief Inspector Derek Hughes of West Yorkshire said: "Around midday, a 28-year-old local man was briefly arrested after he came close to the prime minister's group who had just left the Civic Hall in Leeds.

"No threats were made, and after the man's details were checked, he was de-arrested and allowed on his way."

Footages of the incident showed the man running and suddenly colliding with the British Prime Minister. But the man did not appear to be running in a straight path and appeared to deliberately target the PM when he ultimately reached him. There are theories online, which say that the 28-year-old simply staged up the entire act to gain momentary fame.

PM David Cameron downplayed the incident and appeared to be unaffected by the clash, when he said inside the house of commons: "Could I put on the record for once the debt I owe to the close protection teams that look after me and the very good job that they do.

"John Prescott was in the room as I gave the speech so as I left the room, I thought the moment of maximum danger had probably passed. But clearly that wasn't the case," he quipped.

Security experts say the incident amounted to a breach of security and was of great concern given the heightened alert of terrorism threats in the country.

Farley later wrote on his Facebook page: "So I'm all over the news as 'the protester that attacked David Cameron in Leeds'. Yeah, if you call brushing into someone while running, then getting assaulted by half a dozen coppers in suits attacking."