"Deadpool" is releasing worldwide on 12 February.
"Deadpool" is releasing worldwide on 12 February.Facebook/Deadpool

"Deadpool" is one of the most popular characters form the comic book universe, and its essence has been completely captured by Ryan Reynolds in the movie that will be released coming Friday, 12 February. 20th Century Fox has been bombarding us with trailer after trailer in the last few months, even doing 12-days of Deadpool series of trailers close to Christmas 2015.

Now that the movie is finally coming out, most fans know that they need to watch the movie, but what do the critics think? Read ahead and find out:

The Guardian - Ryan Reynolds' pansexual superhero is needy, neurotic and very entertaining

Excerpt: Deadpool is dripping in irony, zinging and stinging with pop-culture gags; it begins by spoofing the generic lineup in the credits, giving nobody's name, just archetypes – "British villain", etc. Maybe this will evolve for Deadpool 2 with everything simply replaced with the phrase "I know, right?"

Verdict: Deadpool is neurotic and needy – and very entertaining. An innocent pleasure.

AV Club - Deadpool is a normal comic-book origin story in irreverent drag

Excerpt: By the time the film reaches its big-battle climax — divested of world-saving stakes for once, at least — no number of lopped-off limbs, four-letter words, or in-joke sops to the faithful can oppress the stench of formula. Deadpool wants it both ways: The character is at once a sociopathic, narrative-bending imp and potential team material, in the same way that his starring vehicle thumbs its nose at the same hero's arc to which it's basically adhering.

Cerdict: C+

Indie Wire - Why 'Deadpool' Isn't the Unconventional Superhero Movie Marvel Wants It To Be

Excerpt: It's a fine enough plan, and it's one punctuated by plenty of style, a solid self-awareness (and lots of fourth wall breaking), some pretty good jokes and the thorny realisation that it will never pan out. Also, two of the X-Men show up, begging Deadpool to join their merry leagues. It's a bit of a mess, but even with its piled-on plot and lots of laughs, it still looks very much like a standard superhero origin film.

Verdict: "Deadpool" is filled with bad words and brutal fight scenes, but that's not enough to change the game.

The Telegraph - Deadpool review: 'enjoyably obnoxious'

Excerpt: Its sense of humour is sadistic and puerile, with lots of gratuitous female nudity and the splatter of organs on Tarmac. But to decode its barrage of in-jokes, you'll also need a working knowledge of the superhero-movie industry itself, including Reynolds's two previous forays into the genre (in Green Lantern and X-Men Origins: Wolverine), and also the legal niceties that keep Marvel's stable of characters split between three studios, Fox, Sony and Disney.

Verdict: 3 stars

Variety - Ryan Reynolds gets the full-throttle wisecracking showcase he deserves in this scabrously funny origin story.

Excerpt: If it all sounds terribly arch and juvenile, it is. It's also startlingly effective: Somehow, through sheer timing, gusto and verve (and an assist from Julian Clarke's deft editing), Reynolds gives all this self-referential potty talk a delirious comic momentum — reaching a peak when he's trading quips with Blind Al (Leslie Uggams), the wizened, sightless old woman who functions as his caretaker, housekeeper and sparring partner.