Since its release date was announced, the "Deadpool" movie has been garnering keen interest from fans with unexpected and sometimes shocking updates.

Whether it is the Deadpool Christmas Special, The Bachelor baiting surrealism or the breaking of the fourth wall, the makers of the movie are constantly coming out with several surprising elements prior to its worldwide release on 12 February.

For St Valentine's Day, which is just one month away, this time Deadpool has come up with several posters that are highly misleading: They present the "merc with a mouth" as a romantic character and are designed in to give the impression that the movie is a romantic one and has nothing to do with superheroes and action.

Ryan Reynolds added to the bizarreness of the poster by making a heart shape with his palms in front of a bill board displaying the poster.

The posters are a part of new advertisement campaign, which even mentions an entirely new synopsis of the upcoming movie:

A cancer victim can't bear to leave the one he loves, so he undergoes an experimental treatment that tests the limits of their relationship.

This poster of "Deadpool" has received by far the most attention among its posters. There are two more designed on the same theme:

"Deadpool" is a live-action movie based on the Marvel comic character of same name. It tells the story of antihero Wade Wilson, who, after a series of tragedies, becomes a ruthless mercenary with a weird sense of humour and who loves to break the fourth wall often and interact with the audience.

Jointly produced by 20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment, "Deadpool" is all set to hit the big screen across the world on 12 February, 2016.