Courtesy: Reuters

As several countries are busy easing the lockdown measures, health experts have warned that a second coronavirus wave in the United Kingdom could claim the lives of more than 1,20,000 people this winter. As per the latest statistics, coronavirus has already killed more than 45,000 people in winter, and this figure is expected to triple during winter as people will spend most of their time in closed settings due to chilling climate.

Coronavirus chaos to continue

The new study report has literally shocked medical experts, and they believe that the entire global healthcare system has underestimated the killing capability of this pathogen. Stephen Holgate, a professor and co-lead author of a report by Britain's Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) revealed that the second outbreak will be more serious than the ongoing one, and made it clear that strict actions should be taken to prevent possible chaos.

"This is not a prediction, but it is a possibility. Deaths could be higher with a new wave of COVID-19 this winter, but the risk of this happening could be reduced if we take action immediately," said Holgate, Reuters reports.

AMS Vice President Anne Johnson revealed that the coronavirus outbreak is not over, and people should be extra vigilant to protect themself from this deadly pandemic during the winter season.

Is Coronavirus still in its early stages?

A few weeks back, Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute and professor of health policy at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health had claimed that COVID-19 outbreak is still in its early stages, and the real chaos associated with this pandemic spread is yet to unfold.

According to Jha, the coronavirus that initially started spreading in urban areas will now start affecting the suburbs and rural areas, which could mark a drastic surge in positive cases in the coming weeks.