Black snakes
Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, Facebook

This was a memorable Christmas! An Australian woman was up for a shock when she tried to slip into a pair of black thongs only to find a black snake wrapped around the straps of the footwear.

The incident was shared online by local snake catching Facebook page and reported by The West Australian. According to the Facebook post, a Queensland resident came home to see a red-bellied black snake curled up on her thongs at the front door.

The colour of the snake eerily matched the footwear's colour, making it difficult to identify the snake at the first glace. "Does it get any more Australian then that??" the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 Facebook page joked while sharing the incident and a picture of the snake on the thong.

Many commentators were astonished at how the colour of the snake's scale perfectly blended with the thongs. "The thong company should use the pic for advertising, the scales and pattern a perfect match..Red Belly Thongs," joked one.

"Camouflage game strong," read a comment. "Oh hell yes, thongs with shoelaces. EPIC ! lol," added another.

Around the same time, another incident from Sydney was reported where a homeowner walked into their bedroom to find a massive red-bellied black snake slithering in their bedroom on Christmas Eve.

Daily Mail reported that the 1.3-metre reptile camouflaged itself between shoes on the rack in the bedroom. Fortunately, the house owner noticed and it was removed from the house safely.

While these incidents could be shocking for several people world over, Australians are not new to the snakes in the house situation. They are a common sight in Sydney and are commonly spotted in summer.

Red-bellied black snakes are reportedly dangerously venomous, however, there are only a few occasions where they bite. However, if they do bite, it could kill a human.