It was around 66 million years back that a giant asteroid hit the earth with full fury. The asteroid impact was so huge, and it sent plumes of debris into the earth's atmosphere. The deep impact also resulted in the extinction of dinosaurs, which were the dominant species on earth at that time. During the time of this cataclysmic event, cockroaches were also present on earth, but they surprisingly survived. 

NASA is working on asteroid deflecting machine
NASA is working on asteroid deflecting machinePixabay

How did cockroaches survive asteroid deep impact? 

In a recent article written in Sci-tech Daily, Brian Lovett of West Virginia University detailed how these tiny creatures survived the devastating event. 

According to Lovett, the flat body of cockroaches helped them to squeeze themselves into tighter places, and this ability to hide helped them to survive the asteroid impact. 

"After the meteor struck, temperatures on Earth's surface skyrocketed. Many animals had nowhere to hide, but roaches could take shelter in tiny soil crevices, which provide excellent protection from heat," wrote Lovett. 

He added that cockroaches have appetites that aren't picky, and it allowed them to survive lean times since the Chicxulub extinction and other natural disasters. 

Which species will survive if an asteroid hit happens? 

Lovett also added that he is more worried about humans than cockroaches if another asteroid hits planet earth. 

"As a scientist, I see all insects as beautiful, six-legged inspirations. Cockroaches have already overcome odds that were too great for dinosaurs. If another meteorite hit the Earth, I'd be more worried for humans than for cockroaches," he noted. 

A few years back, space expert Lembit Öpik revealed that humans will not survive if a giant doomsday asteroid hits the earth. According to Öpik, only cockroaches, deep-sea creatures and certain other living organisms that feed on dead meat will survive the deep space impact.