Dead Rising 3
Dead Rising 3 is a Xbox One exclusive and is coming for

Developer Capcom Vancouver, is reportedly bringing its survival horror video game, Dead Rising 3 to PC. This was revealed after it was listed on Steam database.

The listing was spotted on the Steam database and is likely that it will be coming for PC too. The game is an Xbox One exclusive and was released on 22 November 2013.

Dead Rising 3 allow players to control a new character named Nick Ramos but in third person. Ramos is a mechanic who has survived the outbreak of Zombies infection. His immediate mission is to keep himself alive, but he needs to use all available means to fend off the Zombies. So he has to search for supplies and weapons to fight the undead.

Dead Rising 3 has an open world environment and has larger area than two of its predecessors combined. It is set ten years after the events of Dead Rising 2. Players get to create combo weapons that will allow them to craft weapons. But players are expected to first get the blue prints to forge these powerful and crazy weapons.

The game has multiple endings based on the decisions made by player throughout the game. Till date there have been four episodic DLC packs released by the studio and each of these packs brought in new characters, weapons and vehicles.

Night in the Woods Confirmed for PlayStation 4

Night in the Woods
Night in the Woods will be releasing for PlayStation

An adventure video game, Night in the Woods from indie developers Infinite Fall is confirmed for PlayStation 4.

Night in the Woods puts its weight behind story, character and place. Players will be exploring the world of Possum Springs as a cat named Mae, said a post on PlayStation blog.

Players will be able to run, jump, participate in the activities in town, smash things, play the base, hanging out with friends and also will be able to expose some mysteries.

The character of Mae is a college dropout and wants to reclaim her life as a teenager after having spent years studying in college which was outside the city. Her friends like Bea, Gregg, Angus , Germ all stayed in town.

"Night In The Woods is a story about letting go and holding on. We wanted to create something that got into some ideas that were kicking around in our heads, themes that hopefully resonate with a lot of people... Night In The Woods is a game about the inevitability of death... and pizza parties," said a post on the PlayStation blog.

(YouTube Courtesy: PlayStation)