Dead Rising 3
Dead Rising 3 will release on 22 November.Facebook

Zombie survival video game, Dead Rising 3 developed exclusively for Microsoft's Xbox One console has some issues like the previous Dead Rising games, claim reports. One of the most erratic weapons in the game is the Sentry Cat.

Vehicular Mobility and Frame Rate

Dead Rising 3 is all geared up for its release in November, however, the game has an issue with vehicles mobility as it affects the game's frame rate, reported Joystiq. While sampling the upcoming game's demo, it was found that these vehicles kill the frame rate.

The report says that there was a "noticeable stutter" in the ninja bike and an expensive sports car found in the game that allows the protagonist in the game, Nick Ramos to travel inside Los Perdidos.

This issue was noticed only with fast moving vehicles, whereas a steam roller that moves slowly (in game too) reacted smoothly without affecting the frame rate, it said.

The report added that there were several complaints against the vehicles in the game, which have been labelled as "boring, rigid blocks of steel." The brakes reportedly do not work correctly and vehicles give a feeling that they cannot be completely controlled. But the crafting system comes to the rescue as players are able to customize vehicles by combining with other vehicles.

Players can go around this issue by opting for slower moving vehicles or can go by foot. However, this might affect during the time-bound missions, said the report.

Sentry Cat - The Erratic Weapon

This new weapon that is made out of a combination of things, definitely packs a punch. Once activated, this mechanical cat will pounce on the undead. Post some rounds of bloodshed, the Sentry Cat explodes after wearing out.

The Sentry Cat's area of attack is only the sorrounding region, giving out a mechanical roar before pouncing to kill some zombies. It might also go off into the sunset or might self-destruct after the carnage. The cat brings some fun in the game as it can make anyone laugh, GameSpot reported.

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Native Resolution - 720P 30FPS

Josh Bridge, executive producer at Capcom Vancouver announced that the game will be running at 720p with 30fps.

"720p. And I'm really happy with that, with the sheer amount of stuff we have in an open world game locked at 30fps, that's just brilliant," he told Eurogamer.

First 25 Minutes of the Game

The game opens with the narration on the background of the zombie outbreak in Los Perdidos, and 72 hours since the first outbreak was reported, Nick Ramos, is seen alone in the deserted city making his way through the obstacles.

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Release Date and Pricing

The game will be releasing on 22 November for Xbox One for $30.