Bollywood actor Shiney Ahuja enjoyed a good run at the box office in the initial phase of his career. With successful films in his kitty, Shiney was at the peak of his career until he faced a blow when he was accused of raping his housemaid.

The allegations proved him guilty and the court sentenced Shiney on 7 years imprisonment. During this tough phase in his life, it was his wife Anupam who stood by her husband but how did the industry react to Shiney's situation. 

Well, most of the industry insiders avoided reacting on the issue, while some gave the insight to go with the court orders while some agreed to the court's verdict.

Shiney Ahuja rape case
Shiney Ahuja rape case

Out of all this none put their foot forward to stand by the actor. Let us take a look at how celebs reacted back in time when Shiney faced the 7 years imprisonment.

Celebrity reactions

"I was surprised with the verdict as even after the maid retracted her statement (denying rape charge), the court pronounced him guilty. I have interacted with him and he did not come across as a person of that brutal nature. I believe the fight for good is not easy," filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt said.

Bhatt, who produced the 2006 hit Gangster featuring the actor, said the conviction was a blow to Ahuja. "It is a dark dead-end for him."

"Look at the brighter side of the conviction than listening to those who believe the legal system does injustice in such cases. Despite the victim retracting her statement, the court held him guilty," he said.

"The court might have some evidence to hold him guilty. I have heard he is going to appeal against the conviction I am sure the truth will come out," said actor-producer Farhan Akhtar.

Shiney Ahuja (Reuters)

"We have a legal system in our country, so if he is saying the truth then he will come out free. I feel bad for the family and his first child and wish a for a lot of strength for them," Akhtar said. It was only Arshad Warsi who came in support of Shiney,

"I have nothing much to say about it. We have our legal system and law will take its own course. We have to follow the legal system," actor Abhishek Bachchan said.

Actor Arshad Warsi came out in support of Shiney, saying "judiciary should stop targeting actors".

"I am NOT saying he's right, but don't forget that (Ajmal) Kasab (26/11 convict) is still enjoying our hospitality. Murderers, terrorists and corrupt politicians are walking free and Shiney Ahuja gets seven years (in jail). Judiciary should stop targeting actors so blatantly," Warsi wrote on micro-blogging site twitter.

"My point is all criminals should be punished. It's not fair to make an example of an actor only because it makes news. Do you know the no. of rapes that take place in our country on a daily basis involving influential and connected people...those cases r not even registered," Warsi said.