Bohemia Interactive's DayZ
Bohemia Interactive's DayZ

DayZ, the previously released open-world zombie survival title, may still be in its Alpha phase, but that hasn't stopped the game from attracting a host of players across the globe to try their hands at the 'still under development' title from the day it was first pushed out.

For those of you who are already knee-deep in the game, moving from place to place and surviving on whatever ration or supplies that come your way, know that the helicopter crash sites are a great way to stack up on items and gear that will be of major help.

As mentioned above, the game is still in its Alpha phase, which means locations that we list here could be changed as soon as Bohemia Interactive updates the game.

However, going by update 0.57, there are as many as three static locations in the game where players can find the crash sites to get their hands on the rarest military loot.

Listed below are the locations to find the helicopter crash sites.

DayZ Guide – All Helicopter Crash Site Locations

Location A – Near Lapatino and Vavilovo

  • This might be one of the most popular crash sites in the game so far, since the location is so close to all the truck spawns in the game. To find it, head over to Lapatino and move along the paved road that heads north.
  • While moving, keep your eyes fixed on the left side of the road and you should be able to spot it on an open field. Although you may think that this area isn't frequented by players, those who are aware of its location pay regular visits.
  • Once you are done, move northwards, until you have reached an old bus depot on the left side of the road. There, you should be able to find several truck spawns that could help you in cutting down the travel time back to the coast.

Location B – Near Vybor Military Base

  • The one near the Vybor Military base is another popular crash site in the game. The location you are seeking is just to the north of a field (light shade of colour over it) that shouldn't be too hard to locate.
  • This is an open field where the crash site is located and it's almost difficult not to locate it. However, note that sometimes the crash site can move around a few hundred feet in a certain direction.
  • If you looking to loot the area, move ahead with extreme caution as this is one of the most popular locations in the game where players flock to find military-grade weapons and gear.

Location C – North of Stary Sobor

  • This location, contrary to the other two listed above, is perhaps one of the least-frequented sites in the game, though that doesn't mean you won't run into a survivor or two when in the area.
  • As far as the location for this one is concerned, the crash site is located to the north of Stary Sobor. This is basically an open field and located just a few hundred feet to the southwest of a hunting stand.
  • There isn't a place in the location where you can seek cover from enemies, so proceed with extreme caution. It's better if you scan the area thoroughly before moving in for the loot.
  • If you are accompanied in the game by another survivor, it's better if you guys strategise to reduce the element of risk. For instance, one of you can look out from a distance for enemies, while the other takes care of scavenging.

Have you hit upon any of the helicopter crash sites in DayZ listed above, until now? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Prima Games]