Dayavittu Gamanisi
Dayavittu Gamanisi.PR Handout

Rohit Padaki's Dayavittu Gamanisi spiked interest with exciting trailers and teasers. The viewers had pinned high hopes on the Kannada film and it was expected it to be yet another gem made by youngsters in Sandalwood. Well, has it lived up to the viewers' expectations? 

It is a rare attempt in Kannada with multiple stories weaved into one. Rohit Padaki takes up the challenging task of narrating four tales of different people in one movie. It begins with Rajesh Nataranga's role of an ageing bachelor, who gets a surprising marriage proposal from a girl's father played by Prakash Belawadi.

The second story is about Proxy, (Vasishta Simha) a petty robber who falls in love with a girl (Sangeetha Bhat). The third story revolves around a spiritual man (Avinash Shatamarshan), while the fourth is about a corporate employee (Raghu Mukherjee), whose personal life is marred by his career.

The stories are narrated in four chapters with almost equal amount of time dedicated to each. Dayavittu Gamanisi travels through varied emotions and experiences. The attempt is to tell different situations  and individuals and how they accept the reality.

Frankly speaking, Rohit Pataki should be given a pat on his back for daring to experiment with this anthology. He brings in the right cast and his actors have lived up to his expectations. The performance of actors like Raghu Mukherjee, Vasishta Simha, Avinash Shatamarshan and all others are natural. Sangeetha Bhat, Bhavana and Samyukta Hornad have done justice to their roles. Last but not the least, Meghana Raj is charming in her special number.

Anoop Seelin's background score and a few songs get full marks and cinematography too is good. 

Can great performance by actors and technical excellence make it an engaging outing? Unfortunately, the writing is weak and film falls flat. Except for some interesting one-liners, Dayavittu Gamanisi struggles to hold the viewers' attention.

The dialogues, the music, the variety of shots and the performances of the cast keep good standards. Yet, it turns out to be unimpressive collection of stories that leaves you with a sense of dissatisfaction.

Ratings: 2.5