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After laying low for a while, infamous gangster Dawood Ibrahim and his D-Company have made quite some headlines in the last few days. And as per the latest reports, Dawood may have been planning to eliminate Chhota Rajan in Tihar Jail and has sought Delhi gangster Neeraj Bawana's help for the same.

Intelligence shared this information with the Tihar Jail officials about two-weeks ago, after which Rajan's security in the jail has been beefed up. The inputs also said that Dawood's plan came to light after Bawana's aides were heard boasting about the plot when they were drunk and this information was overheard by certain agencies who then alerted the officials, reported the Times of India.

The aide had reportedly come out of jail on bail and "drunk-dialled" another gangster to speak of the plot and said there were "big-tasks" ahead. "The gist of the conversation was that Bawana may have been contacted by a conduit set up by D company to outsource the killing of their most sought after target for the past two decades," the source, who is said to have heard the conversation, explained.

Bawana, who is also lodged in the jail but in a different cell, is said to have hinted of the plot to a visitor a few days ago. Since the intel information, he has been shifted to another cell away from Rajan. Even though mobile phones were found in Bawana's cell before he was moved, Tihar Jail officials believe that Rajan is safe.

"Rajan's cell is at the end of an alley in jail no. 2 while Bawana is in an isolated high-risk ward. Rajan has special, verified guards and cook who are checked thoroughly by other guards," TOI quoted an official as saying. However, all precautionary measures are being taken as jail officials believe that the D-Company has been targeting Rajan for a while now, and eliminating him would be a big achievement for them.

Chhota Rajan
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"Any hit on him in jail or hospital would be a symbolic win for the D company and a big setback for the Indian security establishment. At a time when fugitives like Vijay Mallya are complaining about the lack of security in Tihar and other Indian prisons, we cannot afford to take any inputs on targets such as Rajan lightly," explained a senior official said.

Meanwhile, many also wonder who the gang members are taking orders from as it was recently reported that Dawood's trusted aide Chhota Shakeel may have died. Shakeel has been Dawood's most trusted aide for the last 30 years and has been handling the key affairs of the gang. But an informant told Hindustan Times that he may be dead.

The daily even had gotten hold of an audio clip of a conversation between Bilal, a member of Shakeel's gang, and a relative of Shakeel, who lives in Mumbai. And in the audio clip, the same is heard being discussed. The authenticity of the clip is yet to be ascertained and officials of the National Security Council Secretariat in New Delhi, as well as the Mumbai Police, haven't commented on the matter yet.

Before the reports of Shakeel's death, it was also said that Shakeel and Dawood may have parted ways and that Shakeel, who, like Dawood, lived in the Clifton area of Karachi, Pakistan, has moved out and is residing in an unknown location. Cracks in their equation appeared recently when the two had an argument over Dawood's brother Anees Ibrahim's interference in the operations and dealings of the D-Company, sources told the Times of India.

While Shakeel has stood by Dawood through thick and thin for about three decades, it has been said that Anees has of late been trying to usurp his position. Dawood had apparently even warned Anees against interfering in the matters, explaining that Shakeel is the one who would handle the gang's affairs, he refused to back down, leading to an argument between Dawood and Shakeel. This seems to have irked him and he has since reportedly split with Dawood.