David Haye and Tony Bellew clash after the press conference as promoter Eddie Hearn looks on at the Dorchester Hotel London on WednesdayReuters

Forget in-ring fights, real action takes place during press conferences. That has been the trend for some years now. In UFC, it is a common sight, with Conor McGregor more or less always featuring in a press conference brawl. On Wednesday, a similar thing took place during the presser of an upcoming heavyweight boxing bout between David Haye and Tony Bellew.

The two are scheduled to meet at the O2 Arena in London in March 2017. It will be WBC cruiserweight world champion Bellew's maiden heavyweight boxing bout.

Following the press conference at the Dorchester Hotel in London, the customary face-off between the boxers led to a mini verbal war, and it was then that Bellew lost his cool and violently pushed Haye. The 36-year-old Haye then attempted to swing a right hook at his opponent, and by that time, all hell broke loose.

Fortunately, the security was right there to stop the combat athletes before things could have gone completely out of hand.

Here's what Haye said after the showdown:

I could go clubbing every single night from now to the fight, get smashed every night and still knock you out. I could turn up drunk off my head. You're getting knocked out, destroyed. Even if you do hit me nothing is going to happen, you powder-puff-punching chump. I'll end the fight when I want to. If I want to punish you for three or four rounds then I'll do that. If I want to take you out in 30 seconds, I'll do that."

Bellew, meanwhile, remains more than confident of a win next year:

He [Haye] can be shook and he can be hurt. He is nothing special. He got angry and shaken. I have never seen him so shaken. I am cool. I am from somewhere he can't imagine. I am used to drama. I am shocked he has thrown a punch at me. I don't want our sport to put across like this. I have pushed him to get him out of my face and he has thrown a punch."

Fortunately, you can watch the footage right here!