Darshan Sankhala
Darshan Sankhala

Darshan Sankhala, a renowned personality of Raipur India, is always in the news for good reasons this time he is coming with his latest project called Rol Bol (Rest of Life - Best of Life). It is his dream project many Bollywood and TV stars are taking a keen interest in his plan. If you have seen Darshan Sankhala's profile, you would have seen B-town people are talking about Rol Bol.

This project is a new kind of project by Darshan. He is known for bringing new things in India, and it would be yet another project which will enable more Buzz when it will come with App. Rol Bol has two products one will be Rol Bol talks and second will be Rol Bol Skills. This platform of Darshan will bring lots of positivity, creativity in talks. He wants to make our stress life more best with his Rest of Life Best of Life.

Darshan Sankhala is pretty close to top names of India Bollywood to entrepreneurs all are supporting him in this project. It will be great to see how this project goes in 2020. Other than this project, Darshan is also busy in other work like film making and all. He is an individual influencer who is always busy with some work. It's like he is competing with himself, not with others. This lad has done so much in the various fields that a book can be written on his work. He has worked hard and made everything in his life with his own efforts. From movies to business and anchoring to singing whatever you say this guy has done it all in his life.

His biography will be undoubtedly fascinating Because everything he does is with perfection and he gains lots of name from it too. His every initiative is new and unique in India, and Rol Bol is also part of his new venture. So it will be surely a great project like he has done much in the past.

Here's wishing Darshan Sankhala all the best for his new venture and we hope he makes us proud one more time with his work.

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