Darshan Raval
Darshan RavalPR Handout

Darshan Raval, singer of chartbusters Chogada and Kamariya, has one more reason to celebrate. Kamariya has created a record for getting the fastest 1 million likes on YouTube.

"Both songs have been hugely appreciated and getting 1 million likes is a validation from the listeners. Darshan is really happy with the response to both Kamariya and Chogada," says a source close to the singer.

The source added that the timing also played a crucial part in people lapping up the songs, "Both tracks are really catchy and during Navratri they were played everywhere. It was amazing to see people's response to the songs," the source said.

With Kamriya, Darshan becomes part of a rather select club of Indian singers -- those that have over million likes in films as well as non-film singles. His most liked video, Tera Zikr (at 1.4 million likes) is a non film single, while Kamariya (at 1 million likes) is a Bollywood track.