Darling 2
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"Darling 2" has garnered mixed reviews from the critics. The latest Tamil movie has secured average-to-below-average ratings from the reviewers, who have pointed out that it was not as good as its predecessor "Darling."

The story of "Darling 2" begins with a group of friends heading to a hill station to have fun. But to their shock, their trip turns into a nightmare. A death of their friend comes to haunt them in the form of a spirit and the rest of the film is about the weird things happening around them.

"Darling 2" has a decent subject but the execution could have been better. The first half of the movie hardly has any chilling moments and the slow progress of the story does not help the cause. The second half is better compared to the first half.

In such genre films, the comedy elements have a major role to play. Unfortunately, humour in the film is also not up to the mark. Performance-wise, Kalaiyarasan, Kaali Venkat and others have done justice. On the whole, "Darling 2" can be watched once. 

DNA Review: Unfortunately, the execution of the story is where the flaw lies. The script is weak and the first half of the film moves very slowly. The story, in fact, starts to unfold only a few minutes before the intermission.

Sify Review: In Darling-2, the narrative borrows generously from clichés and the film end up as a tedious watch.

Indiaglitz Review: The movie could have done better maybe if the director had focused just on the horror content taking off the slow moving comedy track, as in the effort to manage both, the screenplay goes about confused in focusing one theme.

Behindwoods Review: Though the story has that sense of logic which one might find in ghost stories shared by friends, the method of narration adopted by the director lacks the punch. Very few scenes in the movie jolts the viewers. This might be due to the fact that the film hasn't exploited the element of surprise at various occasions.

IBNLive Review: Kalaiyarasan, who pressed the right button in the 2014 film 'Madras', keeps his fingers glued to the wrong buttons in 'Darling 2'.