Dark Souls 3
Dark Souls 3 will be releasing on 12 April, 2016.Twitter/E3

Dark Souls 3, the third in the series from developer From Software, is going to be more exciting than its predecessors if posters leaked from the promotional campaign are to be believed.

The series has been billed by many gamers as some of the most difficult games to play. The game's publisher, Bandai Namco, had previously revealed that it would be rolled out on 12 April, 2016, to international markets, but Japan will get early release on 24 March, 2016.

But thanks to the leak of a promotional poster for the Japanese release, we have some new information on the features that will be part of this famed action RPG. A scanned copy of the promotional poster has made its way to the internet, WCCF Tech reported.

The poster has revealed to fans some of the features of the game. It highlights some screenshots, and Japanese pre-order bonuses, like a Deluxe Map and an original soundtrack CD.

Further, Reddit user TheMindWraith has given a rough English translation from the poster. Here are the features, translated from the poster and reporduced without changes, that will be part of the game:

  • On the PlayStation 4, check out a new and Deeper Dark souls.
  • The search for a seamless overlapping of complex 3D objects
  • Dynamic Light sources, Ashes, and rags blowing in the wind, more than realm with colorful interaction of light and shadow, the feeling of being drowned in a dark fantasy world increases.
  • A peculiarly strong online system
  • When you connect online, phantoms, bloodstains, messages, and other player marking are visible.
  • In this world, like yourself, there are other players braving distress with their courage.
  • Co-op with other players, or have hostile engagements to have fun on online multiplayer.
  • You can activate a summon sigh, fighting alongside other player to overcome difficult situations. As you earn other players help, you can progress in the game.
  • Invade the world of others, become an invading spirit. Using your knowledge and skills, become a fearful opponent, a menace to others.
  • Make your own story with each personal meeting with unknown players.

From the above translations we can gather it will feature a better-connected world, faster combat and better character building. This game will roll out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.