Dark Souls 3
Dark Souls 3 will be releasing on 12 March, 2016.Twitter/E3

Dark Souls 3, the hardcore action RPG, has got a captivating new gameplay trailer that 'spreads darkness', and it is expected to be released on 12 April, 2016. Only Japan will get it on 24 March, 2016.

From Software, its developer has revealed that it will be dropping on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

This four-minute-long gameplay trailer shows locations and monsters that have not been seen before in the series, this being the fourth in the Souls series.

Previously, the game director was quoted as saying that the gameplay design will be "following closely" its last game, Dark Souls 2.

There will be a range of weapons like shortbows fire bombs, greatswords, dual-wielding swords, shields. The video also shows the player performing dodge-rolling as a means of defence. The game will also see Ashes and magic.

The game is reported to have faster combat and movements giving it more fluidity than its earlier counterpart. The game might have a fewer maps, but it will have interconnected levels and hence, larger. It will encourage players to explore the environment.

The game's publisher, Bandai Namco has revealed the details of the Dark Souls 3 Day One Edition that will be inclusive of game, a starter guide, a soundtrack, and special packaging. This Edition will be costing $59, reported Gameranx.

The Dark Souls 3 Collector's Edition will be inclusive of game, a starter guide, a soundtrack, art book, a cloth game map, a 10 inch Red Knight statue, and a collector's box. It will be costing $129.

The Dark Souls 3 Prestige will be inclusive of the game, a numbered 40cm Lord of Cinder statue, a hardcover artbook for the entire trilogy, soundtrack, 3 iron-on patches, a cloth map, and a display case for the statue.

There will also be an Apocalypse Edition that will be inclusive of a steel case and the official soundtrack.

Dark Souls 3 will be dropping on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.