Dark Souls 2
Dark Souls 2 PC was released on 25 April.darksouls ii

One of the most difficult video game of 2014, Dark Souls 2 which at least takes 60 hours or less to complete the game now due to the Shrine of Winter skip glitch can be finished within one hour and 15 minutes.

However, this glitch will work with the game's 1.00 version. The Shrine of Winter skip glitch will allow players to skip gather the four Great Souls before they head to Drangleic Castle. The Drangleic Castle part of the game is what pulls the game.

YouTube user and gamer, Noobest has posted a video showing how he finishes the game in a short time. Though he uses some "advanced chicanery to bypass certain portions of the game" he is worth of the achievement, reports Buzzfeed.

 (YouTube Courtesy: Noobest)

Other Glitches

YouTube user, SunlightBlade has also posted videos showing some of the glitches in the game, Dark Souls 2.

  •  Smelter Glitch - Here players get trapped in the walls when battling the Smelter Demon and eventually die. The only way to avoid it is to stay in the center of the arena and wait for it to be patched from developers.
  •  Disco Wharf Glitch - Here some parts of the environment will start flashing white and black. One theory is that it happens after running fast from one area to the no man's war. So if you want to stop this, players will have to quit and restart the game
  •  Drangleic Castel Glitch - Considered a game-breaking glitch that does not allow access for the players to the Drangleic Castle. For some players, the gollums will not absorb the souls at the castle entrance blocking them from progressing.

However, these glitches might have been already patched by the video game company Namco Bandai as they have previously stated that any glitch that blocks the progress will be treated as high priority and patched soon.

(YouTube Courtesy: SunlightBlade)

Physical PC version Delayed

The physical PC version of Dark Souls 2's release has been delayed and has been pushed back to 2 May for the UK customers. However, the digital version of the game will be released on 25 April, said Namco Bandai.

"This is only affecting the UK on the boxed release of the game. It will be delayed unfortunately and we apologise to the UK customers. This is due to a manufacturing issue with packaging. To confirm this will only affect the UK boxed launch," said publisher, Namco Bandai, Videogamer reported. The game is currently out only for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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