Dark Souls 2
Dark Souls 2 PC was released on 25 April.darksouls ii

Dark Souls 2 from Bandai Namco, billed as the hardest video game ever, has now received a new graphics mod from the modder who is known for improving the quality of the visuals in Dark Souls PC version.

The modder, known as Durante (real name is Peter Thoman), will introduce a string of graphics enhancements, like texture modding, ambient occlusion, anti-aliasing, depth of field and post-processing effects, reported Polygon.

The mod, titled GeDoSaTo or Generic Downsampling Tool, will not only help improve the quality of graphics in Dark Souls 2 but is also designed to work well with other games.

Durate detailed the GeDoSaTo features as such ( from personal blog):

1.       Downsampling, better than any other solution:

  • Essentially no resolution limits (beyond those of the GPU)
  • Downsampling from more than 4x the resolution is useful (multi-stage downsampling)
  • Selection of downsampling methods (not just bilinear sampling)
  • Downsampling in linear color space
  • Support downsampling to high-frequency (e.g. 120 Hz or 144 Hz) target modes
  • Not limited by display hardware

2.       Take screenshots of either the pre-downsampled full buffer or the actual image displayed on screen (automatically sorted in per-game folders!)

3.       Generic texture overriding for all textures loaded using D3DX

4.       It uses a far more solid injection and interception method than my earlier efforts

Durante also warned players that still there were many bugs and the mod had limitations. In his blog, he says that the idea of this tool came after he finished working on graphics fixes for Dark Souls and Deadly Premonition in 2013.

"I saw a world in which everyone was free to downsample any game, unbound by the restrictions of their monitor or display driver. One where people could downsample at high refresh rates, and where the quality of the scaling in real-time was finally equal to that achieved in image manipulation programs," Durante wrote on his blog.

"It (GeDoSaTo) still only supports DirectX 9 and 9ex, and many games have issues even with those," the modder added.

GeDoSaTo version 0.1a is available for download here.

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