The upcoming episode, titled "We Voted Not to Space You," of "Dark Matter" Season 2 will explore the story of Android (Zoie Palmer) and how she guides Raza to fight the rivals.

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The synopsis of the episode by Movie News Guide states that Android will go undercover in order to assist Raza in tracking down a threatening enemy, who is familiar to both of them. The upcoming episode might also reveal some key facts regarding Android's past and origins.

In the previous episode, titled "We Were Family," it was revealed that Three (Anthony Lemke) had a family and Raza was not aware of it. Three's parents had hired Larcan Tanner (Nigel Bennett), a drifter, who adopted Three when his parents were killed.

However, the highlight of the previous episode was also Android as she continued analysing the human race while journeying to the port side of the country. Later on, she found a group of rebel Androids and joined it. The rebels were trying their best to keep their identity secret from the outside world as they wanted to live a normal life, without any constraints.

Afterwards, it was revealed that Android was capable of understanding human emotions and sentiments as she struggled to find out what it is like to be a human.

Android went for shopping with Five and Devon to observe human behaviour and traits. In the upcoming seasons, Android will continue to go through all the emotions of a human being.

Victor stated in Episode 4 that Android's creator, the One, had designed her to have feelings just like a normal person. However, Android feels there is a flaw in her programming. Victor tried to convince her for not trusting humans, but Android insisted that she wanted to experience it by herself.